SHINOZAKI HIME – Stripper influences

SHINOZAKI HIME is a japanese stripper admired by Kunichiro Bueno. He explains in this video how he discovered her and what his wishes are….



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By Haruo is a performance were toys become instruments and swearwords become songs. Wearing a culturally diverse costume and mexican “lucha libre” masks Kunichiro Bueno dances, sings and acts out his songs, accompagned by his electronic toys.

Kunichiro Bueno explains the intentions behind his work…
” I want to send the message to people all over the world that we, Japanese, are all right after Fukushima. After what happened there, many
friends, who came from other countries, left Japan because they were scared of Japanese lifing conditions. Off course, we have earth quake and some problems of radio activity, and I am so sad. We will resolve these problems with Japanese technology and Samurai heart to show the world the way to resolve the problems of radio activity and the earthquake. I think this is our mission. At the same time, I was thinking what I can do for Fukushima. I can go there to get rid of garbage, send them some money, and so on. While I was thinking, my ex-wife from SF, phoned me. Even though we hadn`t contacted for 7 years after divorcing, she was worry about my family in Japan. She asked me if my Dad, Mom, Sister, and her husband were ok. And after this question she also asked me if I am giving so many shows in Japan as in SF. I replied her, “No. Sometimes I give shows, but no so many.” She said, “Why? You love music. You should give shows like you used to. Your shows can make people happy!  ” She also asked me if I had a new wife and I said, “No. I still love you.” She said, “No, Kuni! I have a new husband and a baby. You have to move on. Please find a new wife!” And then I decided to travel all over the world to give shows and find a wife. I can give shows all over the world to show people my funny and crazy performance. If someone has interest in Japanese culture and Japan after seeing my gig, I will be so happy. If he or she goes to Japan because of my show experience, it could be so cool! If I can call the artists, whom I met on the tour, to Japan, we can give shows in Japan, it must be awesome! Their music and performance could encourage us, Japanese! After Fukushima, my friends went back to their own countries, but my other friends can come to Japan! This is my mission! ”

Here are a few videos of By Haruo:






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Soon near you!

Nov 20th Budapest, Hungary
@Cökxpôn Ambient Society: Horánszky u. 5.
Nov 22th  Sofia, Bulgaria.
Nov 24th Faenza Ravenna, Italy
@Clan destino: Viale Alfredo Baccarini, 21
Nov 29th Munich, Germany
@Import Export in Goethestr. 30
Dec 3rd Berlin, Germany
@Madame Claude : Lübbener Straße 19
Dec 4th Warszawa, Poland
@Klubojadalnia Eufemia : Krakowskie Przedmieście 5 (wejście od pasażu Wacława Niżyńskiego)
Dec 7th  Vilnius, Lithuania
@XI20 : Vilnius
Dec 8th Kaunas, Lithuania
The detail will come soon.
Dec 11th Poznan, Poland
@galeria siłownia : ul.Marcinkowskiego 20a
Dec 12th Duesseldorf, Germany
@SALON DES AMATEURS : Aron Mehzion Grabbeplatz 4
Dec 14th Glasgow, Scotland
The Old Hairdressers :20 – 28 Renfield Lane
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By Haruo – Teacher and influences

KUNICHIRO BUENO speaks about his teachers and influences for his perfomance By Haruo


Music teacher SAM2 of DO THANK ANAL

Electronics teacher JORGE CROWE


My favorite bands are


Ichiba Daisuke

Do thank Anal

Rubber O Cement




Jean Louis Costes

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Byharuo's travel

Where Byharuo has performed…

Click on the map to see it better


Bogota Colombia,
Lima, Cusco Peru
Santa Cruz Bolivia
Santiago Chile
Buenos Aires  Argentina
Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia Brazil
Caracas Venezuela
Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona Spain
Montepellier, Loupian, Toulouse, Le Man, Nantes, Caen , Amiens, Bordeaux, Nantes France
Berlin, Offenbach Germany
Accra Ghana
Kirimajaro Tanzania
Johannesburg South Africa
Tunis Tunisia
Istabul, Eskisiher Turkey
Yerevan Armenia
Sofia Burgalia
Lausanne Switzerland

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BY HARUO is the exprimental musician, wrestler and comedian,  KUNICHIRO BUENO.

KUNICHIRO BUENO was born in1974 in Osaka, Japan.
Comedy is important in Osaka’s culture. People from Osaka have loved comedy for more than 500 years. For Kunichiro, the Osaka comedy is also
really important and he tried to be a comedian when he was 16 years old.

He also loved Japanese professional wrestling like WWE in USA and tried to be a professional wrestler. He had a  black belt in JUDO and won the championship of amateur wrestling in Nara, which is a city near Osaka.

In addition, he began to play accoustic guitar to get the girlfriend.

To be a comedian, wrestler, and musician, he moved to Tokyo and started a band called LO-FI NEISANS.
He was the singer and composed all the songs. His friends played bass guitar and drums. His ex-girlfriend wanted to play guitar, but couldn’t play it. He made her play toys like Godilla, gun, sword and so on.

He organised events every month with experimental musicians in Tokyo until 1998.

LO-FI NEISANS gave several shows, which the record label, EERIE MATERIAL in San Francisco in September,1999.

They toured in SF, Oakland, Olimpia, Portland and Seattle in February, 2000.

Kunichiro, with the members of LO-FI NEISANS, moved to SF and gave shows around there until 2004.

Kunichiro went back to Tokyo in 2004 and studied SHAKUHACHI,  Japanese traditional flute until 2006.

In summer, 2006,  he went back to Osaka and began working on the perform of BY HARUO. The idea is the same than in LO-FI NEISANS, based around being a comedian, wrestler and musician. The difference is that he uses a drum machine wearing Mexican wrestler’s masks.

From November, 2011, he began to travel all over the world to give shows with the CD he recorded at SF in 2002 with the members of LO-FI NEISANS.


By Haruo with shinozaki hime

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When he first started, By Haruo worked with toys he had bought in Japan and as such they benefited from an advance techonology and had a rather extended range of sounds. He met Jorge  Crowe en Buenos Aires Argentina who first taught him.

Then he met ERVO in Santigao de Chile who taught him circuit bending which enabled him to transform the new toys he bought while traveling, giving them a wider range of sounds.

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As part of his performance By Haruo uses electronic toys to make Noise. He buys his toys along the way, so they become memento of his travels.

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By Haruo is a Japanese artist’s performance which is leaving a trail of provocation and astonishment on his way around the world.
Going from country to country, Byharuo, encounters mixed feelings ranging from astonishment to shock, from delight to anger.

Whatever the feeling it never leaves anyone impassive.

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