BY HARUO is the exprimental musician, wrestler and comedian,  KUNICHIRO BUENO.

KUNICHIRO BUENO was born in1974 in Osaka, Japan.
Comedy is important in Osaka’s culture. People from Osaka have loved comedy for more than 500 years. For Kunichiro, the Osaka comedy is also
really important and he tried to be a comedian when he was 16 years old.

He also loved Japanese professional wrestling like WWE in USA and tried to be a professional wrestler. He had a  black belt in JUDO and won the championship of amateur wrestling in Nara, which is a city near Osaka.

In addition, he began to play accoustic guitar to get the girlfriend.

To be a comedian, wrestler, and musician, he moved to Tokyo and started a band called LO-FI NEISANS.
He was the singer and composed all the songs. His friends played bass guitar and drums. His ex-girlfriend wanted to play guitar, but couldn’t play it. He made her play toys like Godilla, gun, sword and so on.

He organised events every month with experimental musicians in Tokyo until 1998.

LO-FI NEISANS gave several shows, which the record label, EERIE MATERIAL in San Francisco in September,1999.

They toured in SF, Oakland, Olimpia, Portland and Seattle in February, 2000.

Kunichiro, with the members of LO-FI NEISANS, moved to SF and gave shows around there until 2004.

Kunichiro went back to Tokyo in 2004 and studied SHAKUHACHI,  Japanese traditional flute until 2006.

In summer, 2006,  he went back to Osaka and began working on the perform of BY HARUO. The idea is the same than in LO-FI NEISANS, based around being a comedian, wrestler and musician. The difference is that he uses a drum machine wearing Mexican wrestler’s masks.

From November, 2011, he began to travel all over the world to give shows with the CD he recorded at SF in 2002 with the members of LO-FI NEISANS.


By Haruo with shinozaki hime

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